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Sassy Cropped A Line Hairstyle

Sassy A Line HaircutsSassy Cropped A  Line Hairstyle.  This Sassy A Line Haircuts is Cropped Short in the back, and angled Longer on the Sides for the A Line Shape.  Short Layers are Cut in the Back and gradually the Layers get Longer on the Sides.  The Bang is also cut Longer, on an Angle, and Blended into the Sides.  The Length in the Back is cut to the Neckline, the Length on the Sides is cut to Chin Length.  Apply a Smoothing Serum to damp Hair and Blow-dry the back with a Vent Brush, Lifting the Hair at the Crown, and Smoothing the Back Down against the head, as you Blow-dry. Blow-dry the Sides towards your Face, and Blow-dry the Bang Over-to-One-Side (you choose).  When Hair is completely dry use a Flat-Iron to Smooth and Polish Hair.  You can also use the Flat-Iron to lift the Hair in the Crown for added height on top, or to Flip Out one Side of the Hair.  Use a Light-hold Hairspray to finish this Cute Sassy A Line Hairstyle.


Cute Layered A Line Haircut Hairstyle

Cute A Line HaircutsThis is a really Cute A Line Cropped Bob Hairstyle.  The back is Cropped like a Wedge Haircut and the sides are Angled Forward to create the A Line Shape of the Haircut.  Textured Layers are cut through-out the bottom edge of the interior.  The Bang is Wispy Cut at the Eyebrows, and Angled to blend into the sides for a Slight Face-Frame.  Apply a Smoothing Serum to Damp Hair and divide Hair into sections.  Blow-dry each section Under with a Paddle Brush, and Blow-dry the Bang Off to the Side.  For added Height on top, Lift the Hair as you Blow-dry the Sections on top.  Style Hair into place and finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

Cute Cropped Layered A Line Haircut

Cute Cropped Layered A Line HaircutSuper cute cropped short A Line Haircut.  Back is cut to neckline and tapered up from the back.  Hair texture is thick, so chunky layers throughout help lighten up this hairstyle and give it some lift.  A choppy side bang is added, and slight  face frame finishes off this cute a Line Haircut.

TO STYLE:  Apply root booster to damp hair.  Blow-dry with your fingers lifting the hair ans you blow-dry.  Use a flat-iron to smooth out ends and slightly turn them under.

Cute Short Cropped A Line Haircut

Cropped A Line HaircutsCute Short Cropped A Line Haircut Pictures Showing Front and Back Views. Length in the back of this A Line is cut to the nape of the neck.  The sides are slightly angled forward to create the A Line Shape.  The back is layered fairly short, which gives this a Line Hairstyle a lot of fullness at the crown.  The Sides, Top and Bang Area are also layered.  The Bang appears to be “point cut” and styled off to the side to soften the front of this Short A Line Bob Hairstyle.

TO STYLE:  Prior to Blow-Drying apply a Volumizing Serum to Damp Hair.  Begin drying in the back at the nape..Blow-dry the hair right against the neck so it lays flat.  Then blow-dry everything else with a vent brush, by lifting the hair, and then turning under as you blow-dry.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.  This Short A Line Bob Hairstyle is easy to maintain and style.

Chin Length Layered A Line Bob Haircut Wispy Side Bang

Chin Length Layered A Line Bob Haircut Wispy Side BangChin Length Layered A Line Bob Haircut Wispy Side Bang

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