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Sleek Asymmetrical A Line Bob Hairstyle

Sleek A Line Bob HairstyleThis is a great A Line Bob Haircut for someone with a Fine Hair Texture.  The Length rests below the Chin and is cut Asymmetrically, so one Side is Longer in Length than the other.  The Ends of this a Line Bob are Cut Shaggy, or uneven, rather than a Blunt Cut End.  Light Beveled Layers are Cut Through-out the Interior, along the Bottom Edge.  The Shaggy Bottom Edge Gives this Bob Haircut a lot more movement in the finished Hairstyle.  The Beveled Layers through-out the interior allow this a Line Hairstyle to slightly turn under and hug the neck in the back.  Apply a Smoothing Serum to Damp Hair and Divide hair into sections.  Blow-dry each section of hair by turning the hair under with a Paddle Brush.  Repeat this until Hair is completely dry.  Use a Flat Iron (if necessary) to smooth and polish the Hair.  Finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.


Below Chin Beveled A Line Bob Haircut

A Line Bob HaircutBelow Chin Beveled A Line Bob Haircuts Front, Back and Side Views.  Length of this Cute A Line Hairstyle is Cut Below the Neckline in the Back, with Slightly Longer-Angled  Sides.  Beveled Layers are cut Through-out the Interior, and a Wispy Bang is Styled Off to the Side.  Apply Smoothing Serum to Damp Hair, and Divide Hair into Sections.  Using a Medium Barrel Round Brush, Blow-dry Sections Under.  Blow-dry Bang Under-and-Over-to-the-Side.  Finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

Cute Below Chin A Line Bob

Cute Below Chin A Line Bob This is a  really Cute  Below Chin A Line  Bob with a few subtle highlights.  The Length in the back is cut Short, and the Sides are angled longer, well below the chin.  The Bang is also cut on angle off to the side.  Apply smoothing serum to damp hair and divide into sections.  Blow-dry all sections under with a Medium-Barrel Round Brush.  Blow-dry Bang under and over to the side.  Finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

Cute Curled Below Chin A Line Haircut

Curled A Line HaircutsThis haircut is an example of what an A Line Haircut looks like when curled.  The layers in this Bob Haircut appear to be very choppy, along with an uneven choppy bang.  The sides are cut on an angle with longer length towards the front.

TO STYLE:  This curled bob is more of an evening style, so start with your hair completely dry.  Spray a heat protectant on the hair shaft before you start to curl.  Section off hair and curl section from the root down with a small to medium barrel iron.   Curling at the root allows you to leave the ends out for a looser curl at the bottom.   Tousle curls and finish with a light spray for a dressed up evening A Line Hairstyle.

TIP:  Invest in a curling iron with a temperature dial.  Some hair types/textures require a hotter curling iron to get the desired result. Always test your temperature control curling iron on Kleenex or toilet paper before use.  Some of these curling irons can get very hot and you don’t want to burn your hair.

Below Chin Shattered Ends Sleek A Line Bob Haircut

Below Chin Shattered Ends Sleek A Line Bob HaircutBelow Chin Shattered Ends Sleek A Line Bob Haircut

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