Sleek Asymmetrical A Line Bob Hairstyle

Sleek A Line Bob HairstyleThis is a great A Line Bob Haircut for someone with a Fine Hair Texture.  The Length rests below the Chin and is cut Asymmetrically, so one Side is Longer in Length than the other.  The Ends of this a Line Bob are Cut Shaggy, or uneven, rather than a Blunt Cut End.  Light Beveled Layers are Cut Through-out the Interior, along the Bottom Edge.  The Shaggy Bottom Edge Gives this Bob Haircut a lot more movement in the finished Hairstyle.  The Beveled Layers through-out the interior allow this a Line Hairstyle to slightly turn under and hug the neck in the back.  Apply a Smoothing Serum to Damp Hair and Divide hair into sections.  Blow-dry each section of hair by turning the hair under with a Paddle Brush.  Repeat this until Hair is completely dry.  Use a Flat Iron (if necessary) to smooth and polish the Hair.  Finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

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